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Staying Positive, not COVID positive.

Executive Director of the Sanford Center Tiffany Vickaryous has remained positive through the last year and looks forward to this year's wedding season. When asked what she thought about how things will be different, she did what Tiffany does. She stayed upbeat and excited about what our area can do to make weddings AND honeymoons absolutely amazing!

We are seeing and hearing in the time of COVID, brides are looking for 
more intimate experience.  We are also seeing some of the usually 
details shift.  Since weddings are smaller, brides are investing more in details.

We may see more atmosphere decor, fresh flowers, appetizers, hosted 
bars, appetizers and upgrade meal options.  Giving the bride and groom 
more time to enjoy their time with close family and friends. Here at 
the Sanford Center we are customizing experiences for all of our 
brides to incorporate their unique vision of their special day.

Northern Minnesota and especially Bemidji offers so much for the 
couple, their family and their friends.  The Sanford Center has a 
beautiful indoor/outdoor space with views of the south shores of Lake 
Bemidji.  We are able to offer a beautiful imitate setting that allows 
people to spread out, creating a healthy and safe experience for all.

Due to some travel restrictions we are seeing new couples adventure 
and explore their own backyards.  Using Bemidji as the jumping off 
point to explore the outdoors, visit state parks, lakes, and of 
course, the head waters of Mississippi. After a beautiful day of 
celebrating love, Bemidji's beautiful local hotels and resorts offer a 
great experience for a local Minnesota honeymoon.

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