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10 QUESTIONS | Spectrum Entertainment | Ryan Burns

How long have you been in business?

Since 2001 21 years

How did you decide on the name of your business?

Sitting discussing my brand. I said, “We need a name that appeals to clients across the Spectrum”

What's a typical day for you?

Loading the wood stove, attending school activities with my kids, updating themes and options for the Spectrum brand, zooming with brides about wedding details, doing site visits and planning the one wedding per week that I am doing. Walking my bulldog Otis !

How would you describe your personality?

Passionate. I am passionate about family, kids and my profession. I am empathetic and am often like a sponge when it comes to peoples energy. I think it’s important to be grateful every day. Part of being grateful is being responsibly generous to strangers. In my private time I am very recluse and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.

What is your business philosophy?

Weddings are my full time job. I have no other professions, businesses or commitments other than my children. In 2018 I took a business with 6 working DJs and decided it was time to change my brand to fit my vision. I am now a premium single operating company working 1 wedding per week and focusing on one couple. This was the first step in creating the unique brand that we are today. After 34 years as a DJ just playing the music got stale. Hosting and being a true Master of Ceremonies has changed everything for me. This has also allowed Spectrum to focus on training and continuing education for things like lighting, sound and special effects. We specialize in tailored weddings and none of the events we do are the same. Finally, and possibly most importantly is value. Value doesn’t mean the least expensive or creating perceived value as an illusion. True, honest value comes from giving your clients what they want and need. Taking their hard earned dollars and turning into more than they could have possibly imagined for less than they expected. Many couple look at we Spectrum provides and immediately assume they cannot afford it. My job is to make these a reality for as many couples as possible while building long lasting relationships. Price is only what you pay, Value is what you should be getting. My motto in every wedding situation is “Be the Hero”. This means never telling someone, “That’s not my job”. It is everyone’s job to make this day everything it should be and more.

What is the best tip you give your customer/client?

Chemistry. The most common place couples find themselves relying on chemistry is when searching for the right photographer. This is common since you’ll be spending so much time together and honestly it can be uncomfortable to pose for someone your not comfortable with. I think all of the wedding pros can learn from this. There is a DJ for everyone out there and NO DJ is the right DJ for everyone. It is okay to wait for the pros that you have chemistry with. Don’t exclude your partner from getting to meet your wedding pros. Lastly, before hiring wedding pros sit down with your partner and prioritize your wedding expenses. Take the top 3 and get them on board as soon as you can because if their good chances are they are booking farther out than you think. Then from there you can start putting your wedding together knowing that the top, most important 3 things are covered.

What is your favorite thing when you attend a wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding business is talking with the couples and their families. Once I am at the wedding I would say coordinating and working with other pros is my favorite. To be a true MC the first rule is to fully understand the event your hosting, in detail. Watching all of these things come together is so joyful for me and has kept me going all these years.

Are you married?

My beautiful fiancé of 9 years lives in Florida. We travel between Minnesota and Florida doing weddings all year long. I will marry her!

If you could go back to your wedding, would you change anything?

I was previously married and as a DJ for years I trusted a friend and colleague of mine to do my wedding. He was very skilled and had done many successful weddings and we worked for the same company. If I could change anything, I would NOT have a friend or family member doing anything at my wedding. Even with the best intentions you will never get the level of service that you should expect. No amount of money saved is worth this. Luckily we are still friends today but I know of many friendships lost due to friends doing wedding jobs for theirs friends.

Favorite wedding movie?

OMG there are so many; Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, The Hangover, and Meet The Parents are among my faves. I’d say the one that I like the most is The Wedding Planner.

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