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Embrace the New Normal

“I’m ready to Paaarrrtyyyy!” Name that movie. Ps. It’s Bridesmaids, but y’all already knew that. After a year of cancellations (ugh), rescheduling (boo), and continual changes (annoying, insert eye roll), weddings are starting to get underway again! Although maybe not quite back to “completely’ normal, as the way we celebrate has certainly taken on some changes due to the pandemic. Here are some of major themes in changes we are seeing as wedding season kicks into high gear: Buffets. Maybe…not. Get ready to see more plated dinners and food served in smaller, more individualized ways as opposed to a grand display of hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour. Smaller guest counts. Covid has really given couples a way to cut down the guest list guilt free. So go ahead, cut Dad’s second cousin from the guest list. This is also gives couples the opportunity to spend more time with their guests and add in more personal details giving the day a more intimate feel. These smaller guest counts are playing perfectly into the next trend we are seeing, the home wedding. Couples are loving having more control over their “venue” when it happens to be their own home or a family home. Again, this option provides unique, intimate and personalized memories that you just don’t find in your traditional ballroom. Also, Fido can join the party without a leash, animal lovers rejoice.

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