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Rain, Flame, Power & Poison Ivy

"Now, this is a story all about how

Our wedding design got flipped-turned upside down

And I like to take a minute

Just sit right there

We'll tell you how we learned candles, power strips and rain storms don't mix."

Ok, no more Fresh Prince of Bel Air songs.

Story time...The mother and father of the bride had a beautiful lake home with the perfect area for their daughter's outdoor tented wedding. During our sight visit we found the perfect picturesque trail leading from the parking area to the wedding tent. We imagined a magical candle lit path leading wedding guests through the grove at dusk opening up to the beautiful lakeside wedding. We planned for a candlelight glow to cascade from the tree branches and line the path along the ground mingling with shimmering twinkle lights for added effect. We perfectly placed the candles along the trail and strung the lights. We plugged the lights into power strips and hid cords running to the garage of the home. We then lit the candles and left before guests arrived. It was perfect… Or so we thought. Never underestimate mother nature, she has her own plans. As the wedding started and we headed off for dinner with images of gorgeous candlelit paths dancing in our heads, it started to rain. No big deal, it's just a sprinkle. That sprinkle turned into a steady rain and that steady rain turned into a downpour. Newsflash… Water puts out fire… Rain puts out candles. Rain in power strips shorts out breakers. Trying to relight wet candles is difficult. Trying not to get electrocuted while trying to get power back on in a wet outlet is also difficult. Did I mention the poison ivy hidden amongst the path? Yeah. There was that too. So now just imagine your wedding designers in yellow rubber, dish washing gloves, trying not to get poison ivy, running around relighting rain filled candles and narrowly escaping electrical shocks.

P.S. One of us still got poison ivy.

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