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Did someone say dessert?

Did someone say dessert? YES PLEASE (emphatically raising our hands in the air)!!! We love dessert, all kinds of dessert. If you are in need of someone to accompany you to your dessert taste testing, you don’t have to ask us twice. What do we love most about dessert? Maximizing it’s display to show off all it's glorious frosting...I mean beauty. Plop a cake in the middle of a table and call it good? No way man. We love to give the dessert table some decor love with incorporating layers and tiers of what appears to be unending chocolate ganache cupcakes for visual interest. Add in some life with greens and floral and incorporate spectacular lighting specifically to high light that cake topper. Donuts are super fun stacked in towers of glazed goodness and Petit fours make for stunning decor tucked into a place setting, forgoing the “dessert table” all together. It may be too beautiful to eat...maybe.

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