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Behind the scenes in a broom closet

The life of a wedding designer seems as though it should be a champagne haze of flowers, ribbon and fluffing wedding dresses, right? Hahahahaha...NO. Let us tell you the story of the day we spent setting up for a wedding in one of the most beautifully magical venues we have ever worked in, making sure every decor detail was attended to.

The ceremony and reception would be held in the same room, this meant we would have to take a room full of slip covered chairs, meticulously lined up in rows to accommodate over 200 guests, and replace them with tables for guests to be seated at with linens, flowers, candles, tableware, you name it, all in the blink of an eye. We were pretty unsure on how long this process would take, we had never pulled off this orchestration before. All this had to be done while the guests moved to another room to attend social hour. So as we anticipated the fast "flip" we would have to pull off, we needed to be close by as the couple took their vows. Where did we wait during the ceremony on the edge of our seats, ready to spring into action? In the broom closet! Yes, you read that right. We crammed ourselves out of sight into the broom closet. We were accompanied by stacks of unused banquet chairs, which we got comfortable on and bags of crackers to stuff our faces with during the only "eating" break we had in nearly 24 hours. You could check our aprons at any given time and like squirrels getting ready for winter, our pockets are full of snacks. Glamorous, we know! We waited for our signal of a cleared room and then began the process of resetting for the reception. We looked like one of those time lapse videos, but we pulled it off in under 20 minutes! The room was stunning and our broom closet hiding place was totally worth it. These are the dirty secrets of designers that no one knows, like napping in Big Joe chairs in a Walmart while the wedding party boogies down to the latest jam.

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